Monday, June 17, 2013

Pink, Purple, Orange Oh My!

I am keeping my promise!
Lots of color in the studio this summer! 
I've been working hard on a super cute mixed media project for a children's workshop. (Adults can take the workshop too!) I wanted to create something cute and colorful where the colors can easily be replaced by other colors.  I did not want the kids to go home with a finished piece. That's no fun! No,  I wanted them to go home with a finished piece PLUS the opportunity to keep creating.
To achieve this, I played with different variations of an art journal that the children could easily put together and wouldn't take until Christmas to do . :)  I also wanted to teach them several easy techniques that they could do at home with things they could find in the dollar store or right in their own home.  I think I accomplished that today! However, I didn't stop there.  I was super excited by the finished piece and knew that the children would also be proud of their work and would want to display it and showcase it.  Thankfully, I had a white frame laying around that was meant to be used for my certification certificates but was too small for this use...LOL. There you have it! I am one of those who does not measure first. I cut first, I can't help myself! :) Anyhoo, I grabbed my owl piece and TADA!  It fits in the frame and it looks incredible!  The white frame makes the colors stand out even more.  This was the perfect way for the children to showcase their work and they are also able to display any of the pages they have created on no need to buy a bunch frames! :)

I will be posting details for this workshop by mid week. Keep your eyes on My Whimsical Little Worlds fan page and spread the word by sharing the fan page.   
Make an Art Journal & Create a Page or 2

Show off your work!

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