Friday, August 23, 2013

Wonderful Things Are About to Happen!

Morning, Morning!   
I am so very happy and excited to announce that I am part of the design team for Mad Markers! Yay!
Thank you very much Sammi for this opportunity.  Perfect timing in my journey of the art world.
Being part of a design team is an awesome responsibility as you get to design for the artist using their  illustrations each month and you get to tell the world all about it! The best part is meeting LOTS of many wonderfully talented people. :)   LOVE it!

For the last two days I have been working diligently in the studio on my first two projects. I am very happy with how they turned out and am very excited to show you one right now! I absolutely love this Steampunk image Sammi drew...Steampunk Brianna! She's perfect! I knew right away what I wanted to create: a mix media tag.  I just wished I had metallic paper in the studio. LOL  thinking...thinking...oh oh! the hamsters in my head are scurrying now  :) I can't begin to tell you how excited I am about how my tag turned out! My kids were thrilled when they saw it! I don't want to part with it.

Here is how I made this cute tag.  I used a package label for this project and a slew of distress inks. I will confess now that, yes, I am an ink addict; I will ink just about anything.  I distressed the tag with various colored distress inks and distress paint to give the tag texture and a grunge look. The gears, sentiment, and tab are cuts I bought at Silhouette to use with my Cameo. (Can't live without it.)   To give these elements more depth I used ink and glitter; sadly the glitter is not showing on camera, but let me tell you this tag sparkles!

My favorite part of creating any project is using my Copics... I cannot imagine my world without Copic Sketch. Below is the Copic Color Recipe I used for  Steampunk Brianna. One more thing, before I forget (and I nearly forgot :)), I used  Copic Spica glitter pens for some added sparkle.  If you haven't seen Spica Glitter pens I highly recommend checking them out. Like Lays Chips, you can't have just one! One important tip: unlike the markers Spica must be laid horizontally.
Copics I used;
E30   E50  YR14  YG06  G20  C5
E33   E21  YR16  YG09  G24  C7
E37   R22  YR18              G28  C9

Head on over to Mad Markers to check out the Steampunk collection as well as many other AWESOME stamps and stencils!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

2 Challenges in 1! :)

It's summer and its a busy time with family and the studio! 
I am lucky though that I get to sneak in a moment here and there to color for fun and design for the challenges.  I LOVE challenges! :)  I am having a ball over at SOG community working on  the challenges.  This challenge was to color using colored paper.  At first, I said no way it will that look good! Choosing the right color paper, matters. Lighter papers work best. It takes a great deal more patience to acheive the color because it involves lots of layers and you must wait inbetween layers or you will feather. However, I did not give up, this was my first try and I am happy with it.  Turned out a  lot better than I thought it would and I will diffidently do it again!

 My focus is the 30 day challenge... but having a life it will take me more than 30 days LOL.  I can do it!  This month I thought I would also join in with the Sketch of the month at the SOG blog.  Timing was also quite perfect as my new paper and embellishments from Echo Park arrived.  So much yummy paper in the studio!  Wish I could keep it all...sadly its for sale :) 
Pictures & prices will be going up next week....Yay! The Studio is growing but the focus will be on certain items and brands only. :)  News of the studio later :) ...for now, here is my card for the SOG sketch of the month challenge. Hope you like it! :)
My Whimsical Little World (Paola Jofre 2013)