Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Very Merry Christmas 3x4 Cards

Last week of November and I cannot wait for December! :)

It’s the last week of November and I cannot wait for December! :) This year I am trying my hand at a December Daily (DD) album.  I need to make it interesting so I’ll stick with it LOL.  So much to do (crafting!) and so little time. I need another me in the studio. :)

I really cannot wait for my DD items to arrive from Pretty Little Studio (what a CUTE shop!) and my album from Studio Calico.  I have been watching all the ladies in the December Classroom creating their album covers and pages, and all I get to do is watch, drool and admire their gorgeous work. :)  They truly are beautiful covers! I wish I could work on mine, but I’m blocked until the UPS guy arrives :)

Until then I’ve found myself playing around with patterns and shapes in Photoshop and in my Silhouette Studio Designer. I figure while I am playing why not start designing some Christmas cards for my DD album as well as my Project Life album?  I have an idea of the colors I want to use; from there everything else will fall into place…yes it will!  I decided to take a shot at it! 
click the image for download

click image for the PDF
It’s lots of work but tons of fun, especially when it’s done and you see your work.  As a test I put a screenshot on one of the PL groups. My 3x4 Christmas cards have received a wonderful welcome. :) I was really surprised and humbled by everyone wanting them.  I cannot wait to share them with all of you and see how you use them. 
The effort hasn’t been entirely without frustration.  I still am trying to master this new program, SSD. It has its limits that I hope one day they will fix through a software upgrade.  It is not completely flexible like Photoshop. Mind you, I cannot print and cut in Photoshop. When that day comes my life will be complete… LOL. I will go back and forth with hopes that SSD will catch up with PS. :)

I will make the cards available in PDF for those without print and cut and for those that use SSD or SD I will have the print and cut file.  I would really appreciate it if you could pin the cards to your boards and share the link on your FB walls.

Thank you so much for your support!  I hope you enjoy adding them to your albums as much as I enjoyed creating them! :)

I have the Very Merry Christmas SET 1  and SET 2 available for download.
Cut files will be coming soon!
Also check out my NEW set REAL LIFE cards! 


Paola :)  


  1. Thank you -- these will cheer up my PL pages in December.

    1. You're welcome! :) I hope I get to see them :) I wold love to see them in your projects. If you like to you can post it on my fan page :)

  2. they are gorgeous Paola! What a clever girl you are :) I'm going to download them as just started putting cards in a mini PL album for a December daily! These are the perfect addition! YAY! Thanks xxx

    1. :) Thank you very much Sammi! :) You are very welcome :) I am really happy that you like them and they will find a home in your album :) I am working on some more :) :) Can't wait to show everyone :)

  3. Hi Rosey I just checked and all the links are working for me ...please try all 4 links and if you still
    Have troubles let me know and I will send it to you