Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Just Me and My Selphy

I don't think I have ever come across such an incredible user friendly piece of technology to make the process of printing so darn easy!
I will admit I thought at first it was too good to be true.  How this little inexpensive machine can produce quality pictures.  Well let me tell you it does! And watching it print is fun too! :)

It seems intimidating in the box but once you open it up and read the instructions. Super easy to set up and get going on your printing.  The best part is that I can use my IPhone it has WiFi.   Now I have more time for cutting and playing with my PL layouts.  My HP now appears to me like a clumsy old dinosaur compared to the Selphy LOL .
 I have seen many posts on what the cost is to print with the Selphy.  I am not a hardcore printer so I cannot add to this other than give my own experience.  The box of paper and ink costs me $40CAD however if I search hard enough I can get a better deal, but to be honest I just wanna play with it and not wait. I am such a kid! :)  I only have to buy a box every 3 months.   I don't always print a 4x6 (1 image)  I print using collages so my pictures vary in size.  This helps saving paper and getting creative with layouts.  I also print in batches, this helps in saving your ink.  If you are just printing 1 or 2 sheets and then turn it off and then come back later and turn it on and print another sheet, you will go through the ink a lot faster than if you print in batches.
Below are a lists of Apps I use with my Selphy and editing my images for Project Life.  

Apps  I use with my Selphy:
Canon IEP

I switch between the two Pic apps because of the variety in frames as well as the fact that Pic Stitch charges you for frames and PicFrame does not.

Apps I use to edit my images:

Have fun printing and watching your photo's go from yellow to beautiful! :)


Paola :) 


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