Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Spring is around the corner! :)

some odd girl, mix media, art, clear stamp, purse, stamp, crafting,
Spring is around the corner....YES it is!  I see snow melting and over the weekend we had a change of wind and it felt like spring air.  Albeit..its a little nippy this week but spring is around the corner. Especially in the studio! :)

some odd girl, mix media, art, clear stamp, purse, stamp, crafting,

To welcome spring I've been working on a very special project ...not just for spring but for an entry to the DT call for Some Odd Girl.  The instructions are to send in 3 images displaying work that represent your style.  I do a lot in the studio but one area where I think I do really well.. I think I am good at ..is mix media.
some odd girl, mix media, art, clear stamp, purse, stamp, crafting,
Who am I kidding... I LOVE Mix media and telling a story :) . Give me paper, paint and modge podge and I'll make something! LOL   I  work on art journals, canvases and sometimes even chipboard but I have never altered something that one can use.  This was fun and a bit more of a challenge in a way that it took a bit of planning for it to come together....I was having a hard time committing  to color and the inside of it LOL. After a bit of time I finally took a deep breath and just went with it (that's the trick with mix media, let it go and just let the creativity happen) I started to mix some paint on my Kraft mat, I started to swirled my brush..just play with it...had no idea where I was going with it but I kinda liked it...I made big swirls and little swirls and eventually brought it over to the purse and started with bright white swirls and then I kept swirling blending with the pink to create a gradient of pinks ...I was having lots of fun and soon realized that I was running out of room LOL . How sad! :)   
I also like making cards and other crafts but I need a challenge to keep me interested.  It can't be simple.  I find it takes me longer to create a simple a card then just to let go and doing mix media on a card, but I find the size of a card limits me so I need a larger canvas on which to work on LOL.  I also love to to work with Project life and bring all that I know on to it.  As long as I can be free creatively and not restricted ..I'm good :) Hope that makes sense :) 
Altered Wooden Purse
This gorgeous mix media wooden purse carries 6 scalloped envelopes and 6 lined scalloped notes to send to your friend.  Along with the purse there are two bracelets ( 6 1/2 inches long)...one for each friend.  If you are interested in purchasing this adorable little purse I will be posting it at my Etsy shop Paola's Papers 
some odd girl, mix media, art, clear stamp, purse, stamp, crafting,

 The yummy paper I used to layer was from the Kaiser Craft Tea Party 6x6 paper pad that is available at my Studio ..perfect paper for spring.  The digi stamps are a clear stamp set from Some Odd Girl Gwen in Bloom.  I also stamped the envelopes and notes using the same clear stamp set.  I colored the digis with my Copic markers and used a bit of Spica glitter here and there.  The layers have all been sealed with modge podge including the digis.  You have to take care how you lay the modge down on the digis as not to ruin it.  The type of paper you use helps a great deal.  Use top quality...I use Copic X-press it.   My Silhouette Designer Edition program and Cameo came in handy when I needed to flip the stamps. Here is the link to the tutorial  I wrote on how I did the Stamp/Scan/Print & Cut.  The sides of the purse are layer with rose bud ribbon I purchased at Michaels..I love it! I need more :) I also added bling to the clouds because you have to have bling :) how can you not.  Pink and bling go hand in hand :) 

Last but not least...I want to give a special thank you to Jennifer Wong for coming over to the studio and helping me with my bracelets.  They are LOVELY!  I haven't the slightest clue on how to make jewellery but Jennifer was my hero and saved the project.  She makes it look so easy! :)  Such a talented woman, she is an encyclopedia of how to on crafts...love her brain and of course her personality.  Funny funny gal! Always a treat to hang out with Jennifer.  If you want to see her work and creative talent check out her blog!

Almost forgot :) Wish me luck for the DT call at Some Odd Girl!  :) fingers and toes crossed :) 

I also entered this cute project to the Paper Issues  Tip-toe Through the Tu-lips  theme contest. 

Paola :)

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Just another reason why the Cameo is AWESOME!

I don't regret selling my Cricut and taking the jump to buy a Silhouette Cameo.  The cost was a little scary at first, but compared to the Cricut of almost equal value I could not resist, all the research I did told me that the Cameo was far superior. If you want more out of the Cameo and program I  recommend purchasing the upgrade SDE, which by the way if you keep an eye out you can purchase for a very low cost.  Here are the features that the Designer Edition has but is not available in the standard edition.
-Open and manipulate SVG files
-Design and create your own rhinestone templates (rhinestone tool)
-Sketch tools to create various designs
-Creative Knife with several cutting options
-Eraser with more precision 
-Built in ruler for precision

There is so much you can do with the Cameo ...the possibilities are endless.  From paper crafts, rhinestones, glass etching and vinyl!

One of the great features I love about the SDE program is the ability to design....anything.  Your imagination is your only limitation.  
You can create so much!  Layouts for scrap-booking and Project life as well as design an entire card or project before making any cuts on paper.
You can also use any image, trace it and then cut it. However, please make sure you have permission to use an image in your projects and respect copyrights.  
Here is just one of the many features of the Cameo.  With the cameo you can scan an image and print and cut it in no time...effortlessly.  Love it! :)

I am in the middle of creating a very cute item using Some Odd Girl Clear Stamps, Gwen In Bloom.  I needed to be able to play with the size and direction of the image, SDE and Cameo come in very handy for this :) . I cannot wait to share with you my finish project!  
Stamp, Scan, Print & Cut
  1.  First stamp your image, try to get a clean crisp stamp on white paper that is smooth.  Make sure the paper does not have a whole lot of tooth in it.
  2.  Next scan your image and save as a a JPEG .
  3.  Open the image up in an editing programming ...I use CS5.   Notice how the scanned image is faded and not crisp.  We need it to look like digital line work (image on the right). 
    Also take note in your layers palette that the layer is locked.
  4. Duplicate the lock layer and then turn off the locked layer (click the eye).  
  5. Go to the menu at the top and select Image/Adjustment/Levels
  6. Slide the black slider towards the right and the white towards the left (top menu).  Adjust as needed. What you are looking for is crisp dark lines. 
                                                        When you are happy hit okay.
  7.  Select your wand tool and click on the white areas outside the image and hit delete.  What you should see is a grid like background. This means your background is now transparent.
  8. Save as and give your file a name and save it as a PNG...by saving it as a png you will now be able to work with it without having a background.
  9. Open up your SD program and open the PNG file you just created.
  10. Go to trace and select your area, if you want you can create a border using the offset icon (I tend to give my characters an off set of 35-50).  Group your cut line/offset and image.
  11. Go to the upper right hand top of SD and select the registration icon and set the registration marks.  This will tell the Cameo where to cut.
    Some odd girl
  12. Send it to be printed..once printed place it on your mat and feed it to your Cameo. :)
Your done! Now you get to color! :)

I was so excited about this project that I am making 2 LOL, off to the studio to finish my project,

Paola :)

Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentines! :)

Found some time to sit and relax with my Copics this past couple of weeks.  I had forgotten how relaxing Copics truly are.

This weeks project!  Valentine cards :) I very much wanted to make a card for my husband this Valentines and I wanted it to be a Pop-up card. Pop-up cards are so much fun! The problem was in design and execution LOL.  I have never designed  a Pop-up card with more than 1 pop up LOL.  I pictured the card perfectly in my mind...worked out the details in SDE (Silhouette Designer Edition program) and made a prototype before going forward and making the commitment to glue anything down :) .   Paper is precious LOL.  I also wanted to bring in some color and break the white so I inked up some clouds on my background with Tim Holtz Distress Ink and the back side of a cloud.  I also used Tattered Angels spray to dab some color here and there because to have a cloud background on the bottom part of the card made no sense to me, had to break the white :) .  The digis I chose were Cupid Mae and LOVE from SOG (Some Odd Girl). Cupid Mae is such a beautiful stamp!  Love the little hearts and flowing hair...perfect that Kristy the designer created the creases and left no guess work where I should place the creases.  I knew right away I wanted her on a cloud, just wasn't sure how :) .  The clouds were purchased in Silhouette Store, I could have made them but was excited to finish the card LOL.  I inked the side of the card (white only).  I streaked Stickles on the tops of the clouds for highlights.  I used Copic Spica Glitter pens on Cupid Mae, a girl needs sparkle :) .
The Love sign was used as a balloon so I need to have the first part of my sentence on the front of the card.. Be MY.  First lesson learned is that the Cameo does NOT like Glitter paper from Michael's :( .
Here it is my Valentine for my wonderful husband!
Some Odd Girl  

This second Valentine is also a Pop Up card. This card was also fun to create and color! The digis are from Some Odd Girl Hand Holding Mae & Kody.  I designed the card in SDE as well as many of the elements.   I purchased the heart banner and grass at the Silhouette store. All the elements were shaded with Tim Holtz distress ink.  What would Valentines be without a little sparkle!  Sadly it does not show in the picture but the flowers and clouds are highlighted with Stickles! :)
If you are interested in the template for the card and elements I designed, just leave a comment and I would be more than happy to share.
Some Odd Girl

Love the pop up effect, very playful!
Paola :)

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Never Change Who You Are! Pop Up card

My one little word for this year is FOCUS....but I think I have several projects going on right now at the studio  LOL.  However,  I am focused on finishing these projects by their deadlines. I simply love to multi-task. :)   The one project that I have been eager to finish is the dragon popup card, shown below.  This card, just completed, was challenging because it was so unlike anything I had done before. I cut up a lot of paper, did a lot of problem-solving and growling, but it was all worth it in the end! Looking at now, I do wish I had added one more surprise element: to  give little King Tobie the gift of moving :) LOL .  The next one will have movement!
 This was not a fast card, not one or two days. This took a week to design and a few days to bring it all together, making sure it would fold and pop the way it should.  It takes time to design the template. Thank heavens for SDE. I was able visualize what I was doing. (Saved some paper :) ). You also have direct access to their online shop, which is full of shapes and many great designs for any project. I grabbed the dragon shape and began to dissect and manipulate him in my template.  I am still learning about popup cards,  but I am confident in that I have the foundation down.  This is very exciting as I adore popup books!  You never know what will happen, what you will see... So much detail and the best part is the surprises that are in store for you ...it is magical! Along the way I ran into a few hiccups with the cameo. Thought I'd shave some time off but to no avail.  I need a longer mat... LOL. As Wilma and Betty once said "Charge it!" LOL

Here is a rundown of the product I used.  All the pieces were shaded with Tim Holtz distress ink.   The digi is from Some Odd Girl -- Pajama King Tobie ...what a cutie! He is a hero in one of my other popup cards.  Such a gallant king!   I adore him :) He makes you want to be a kid all over again! :) I colored him with my Copic Sketch markers.  I just noticed he needs catch lights in his eyes and these I will add with a white gel pen.  The cloud and front shape paper are from Amy Tangerines Sketch Collection. (Have you seen this paper collection? AMAZING!) :) The Solid paper is from Echo Parks Perfect Summer Collection.  I love their solids because they already come distressed and textured.   

Need some paper or Copic markers? Got some in the studio!

The paper for the popup clouds and rocks were created using Bazzill paper. It has a metallic look and texture to it.  Last but not least, I used dimensional dots for some of the elements to give them a popup appearance.

Trust that little voice in your head that says"wouldn't it be interesting if...";and then do it!
~Duane Michals

Paola :)