Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Just another reason why the Cameo is AWESOME!

I don't regret selling my Cricut and taking the jump to buy a Silhouette Cameo.  The cost was a little scary at first, but compared to the Cricut of almost equal value I could not resist, all the research I did told me that the Cameo was far superior. If you want more out of the Cameo and program I  recommend purchasing the upgrade SDE, which by the way if you keep an eye out you can purchase for a very low cost.  Here are the features that the Designer Edition has but is not available in the standard edition.
-Open and manipulate SVG files
-Design and create your own rhinestone templates (rhinestone tool)
-Sketch tools to create various designs
-Creative Knife with several cutting options
-Eraser with more precision 
-Built in ruler for precision

There is so much you can do with the Cameo ...the possibilities are endless.  From paper crafts, rhinestones, glass etching and vinyl!

One of the great features I love about the SDE program is the ability to design....anything.  Your imagination is your only limitation.  
You can create so much!  Layouts for scrap-booking and Project life as well as design an entire card or project before making any cuts on paper.
You can also use any image, trace it and then cut it. However, please make sure you have permission to use an image in your projects and respect copyrights.  
Here is just one of the many features of the Cameo.  With the cameo you can scan an image and print and cut it in no time...effortlessly.  Love it! :)

I am in the middle of creating a very cute item using Some Odd Girl Clear Stamps, Gwen In Bloom.  I needed to be able to play with the size and direction of the image, SDE and Cameo come in very handy for this :) . I cannot wait to share with you my finish project!  
Stamp, Scan, Print & Cut
  1.  First stamp your image, try to get a clean crisp stamp on white paper that is smooth.  Make sure the paper does not have a whole lot of tooth in it.
  2.  Next scan your image and save as a a JPEG .
  3.  Open the image up in an editing programming ...I use CS5.   Notice how the scanned image is faded and not crisp.  We need it to look like digital line work (image on the right). 
    Also take note in your layers palette that the layer is locked.
  4. Duplicate the lock layer and then turn off the locked layer (click the eye).  
  5. Go to the menu at the top and select Image/Adjustment/Levels
  6. Slide the black slider towards the right and the white towards the left (top menu).  Adjust as needed. What you are looking for is crisp dark lines. 
                                                        When you are happy hit okay.
  7.  Select your wand tool and click on the white areas outside the image and hit delete.  What you should see is a grid like background. This means your background is now transparent.
  8. Save as and give your file a name and save it as a saving it as a png you will now be able to work with it without having a background.
  9. Open up your SD program and open the PNG file you just created.
  10. Go to trace and select your area, if you want you can create a border using the offset icon (I tend to give my characters an off set of 35-50).  Group your cut line/offset and image.
  11. Go to the upper right hand top of SD and select the registration icon and set the registration marks.  This will tell the Cameo where to cut.
    Some odd girl
  12. Send it to be printed..once printed place it on your mat and feed it to your Cameo. :)
Your done! Now you get to color! :)

I was so excited about this project that I am making 2 LOL, off to the studio to finish my project,

Paola :)

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