Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Oliver & Annabelle Are Ready for Canada Day!

I am so excited. Terribly excited! I’m going digital with my drawings. My studio will never be the same! I have so many drawings, but not all can be digis and some I may have to redraw.  I’m on a digi mission and nothing will get in my way! When I was a girl I drew Garfield sketches again and again. My sister and I would enter drawing contests for the Sunday comics. Through the years that followed I could never stop drawing. Art has always been such a huge part of my life. I cannot imagine a day without creating something artistic, even if it is only just a doodle. For eventually that doodle will inspire me to create something bigger and brighter!  

Just a couple more weeks and the skies will light up with brilliant colors! I can't wait for the fireworks! I can't wait to celebrate Canada Day! What better way to celebrate than making cards for friends and loved ones with My Whimsical Little World’s NEW Canada Day digi stamp release! Today's release is Oliver & Annabelle and their little pal Freddie the beaver. They are ready for Canada Day, showing their Canadian pride with sparklers and flags. I think Oliver wants to set off some fireworks too. :)  To purchase Oliver or Annabelle head on over to Paola's Papers or click on their names and it will take you there directly.

Freddie The Beaver 
For a limited time (until June 20) you can get Freddie the Beaver for free (Click Freddie's name for the file)! All that I ask is that you pin my images and respect the terms of use. Thank you



  1. Awwww -- I love how Annabelle, Oliver and Freddie have turned out! Absolutely awesome! and pinned might I add!

  2. Those stamps are simply gorgeous!! Can't wait to play with them! :)


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