Saturday, August 9, 2014

Part Two Of SOG Canvas Today Is The Day

I planned to have part two posted yesterday, but our home is up for sale and we had a showing.  The studio was closed, so there was no creating yesterday.  How droll, because I was itching to finish the canvas. But today I had no obstacles and got it done in a flourish.

Creating a canvas of this size-- I had the wrong measurements on my previous post,  the canvas is actually 24x11-- is no easy task, as some planning has to happen. What is the story?  What do I want to convey?  I knew I wanted an affirmation that meant something to me and would motivate me when I saw it everyday to make something beautiful.  As artists we are the first to snub our own art and convince ourselves we could have done so much better.  In all honesty, now that it's done I am pleased how it turned out, but in the back of mind there is the little annoying voice telling me...maybe add this or perhaps you should have used another color.  All done now! No going back!  The kids like it.  My husband liked it, even though he critiqued me half way through, questioning my thought process as to why there was blue in the sun.  Blue in the sun?  It's mix media...I could put a rabbit in the sun and it would be okay. :) LOL  
I used mainly Some Odd Girl product.  The star of the show is Sway Mae.  I bought a couple of cut files to create some of the background and layers of textures.  The cut files I used are Mantra Sentiments and Circle Card Background.  (I used the arrows--see picture below.) I also used clear stamp Sunny Mae for rays on the sunshine and Hey Kaylee  for the grass. 

 I used inks, oil pastels, sprays..basically whatever I could get my hands on really.  Now I was somewhat disappointed that I could not find my favorite border stamp in my creatively messy studio, however I quickly remembered I have a stash of rub-ons and used nearly all of them for the border.  The little roses are a creme ribbon that I spray with Dylusions ink, and I used Liquid Pearl in the center with a little sparkle using Stickles.

 I hope you like my canvas as much as I do.  Should I even mention the accident that happened and nearly destroyed my entire piece. :)
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Paola :)


  1. What a challenge! It came together wonderfully and your water coloring is beautiful! How did you keep the printer ink from bleeding when you put water on it? I want to try watercoloring my digis but I can't seem to get past the ink running!

    1. thank you Krystal! I am really happy that you like :) :) It was a HUGE challenge :) loved every minute :)....Try using memento ink if you are stamping and heat set it so it will not get activated....I painted my digi with various mediums and lost the link work. So I brought it back with a a very thick multiliner pen as the lines are very thick. However ....when you are coloring with watercolor and stamps I would also recommend using a fine tip brush to get in close and a good round brush for better control. :)

    2. Awesome, thanks so much! You've inspired me to purchase some watercolor crayons of my own and play around!

    3. You are very welcome Krystal! :) I am going to post my speed coloring video...I used watercolor crayons, acrylic and watercolor pencils. Here is a video on my You Tube channel showing the process.