Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Day #2 Trick or Treat with the Some Odd Girl

It's going to be a fun week with Some Odd girl!  We are tricking and treating this week at the SOG blog.  So get ready for loads of fun and some tips and treats. :)

Here we go!  Here is my tip for you. :)  

Applying ink on your stamp:
I've been to classes and heard stories and seen videos on stamping. Some swear by one technique and say no to the other. What is the right way /best way to apply ink to a stamp? Well that depends on the look you want..the look you're going for.   If you want a perfect crisp stamp, then pat your ink with slight pressure over the stamp.  You can also hover over your ink pad and press the stamp into the ink ...but take care when using shallow stamps that the ink does not get into the grooves of the stamp and on your block.  If you want an aged look then in a circular motion lay the ink on your stamp, gently...this is also great for not wasting ink. Remember doing this? You ink up your stamp and then on a sheet of paper stamp to get rid of ink and then you stamp your project.  If you do the second technique you won't have to do that anymore ...you are in control of the ink!

Happy Halloween! Here is this weeks project using Some Odd Girl digi stamp Pumpkin Kody.  
I also remembered I had some wood paper from ARC Crafts and used it for my fence.  Looks pretty cool!


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Paola :)


  1. I love the card, perfect for a guy!

    And thank you so much for the explanation on the ink, it's good to know what to do to get what effect!

    1. Thank you Sarah! and you are very welcome :) Have fun playing with ink :) :)